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About Us

Do you know what you would do if you were a victim of a random burglary attack? How would you defend yourself? If you've been thinking about personal safety devices and creating a defense plan, you're in the right place. Personal safety is important to keep in mind at all times, whether you're walking downtown to grab a coffee, sitting on your couch watching a movie, or going for a run. Crimes happen every single day in a variety of places. It's best to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens to you one day. Nobody wants to be the victim of an attack. Personal safety devices can provide you with peace of mind in any situation.

Personal Protection

Many people's minds immediately jump to guns when they think of protecting themselves, however, there are many alternatives you can discretely carry with you every day that provide amazing protection.

Pepper Spray

One of the most popular self-defense items is pepper spray. It's extremely effective and causes severe irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Also, it's very quick and easy to use. Pepper spray is great for a beginner personal safety device. It will slow down your attacker leaving you with more time to run and call for help.

Taser or Stun Gun

Another popular personal safety device is the stun gun or taser. The gun sends high voltage electrical impulses and immobilizes the attacker for five seconds, allowing you plenty of time to run away to safety. People who have been tased recall that it feels as if a T-Rex is grabbing you by the spinal column and shaking as hard as he can. Plus, they can easily be stored in a holster or purse.

Steel Batons

Steel batons can easily fit into a purse or bag and simply expand with just a flick of the wrist. It's a great self-defense tool if you are comfortable striking with it. They're perfect to pull out if you suspect an unexpected predator is lurking near you or if you begin to feel uneasy.

Home Protection Indoor Alarm System

One of the easiest ways to protect your home is by installing a home alarm system. Thanks to motion detectors, it will immediately call up to 5 people if the alarm detects a door or window has been tampered with. You'll sleep easier at night knowing your family is protected. Driveway Alarm

It's very helpful to know what's going on outdoors as well since you can't always see it. A driveway alarm will alert you if it detects outside movement such as an unknown car pulling into your property, a person peeping through your windows, or if your toddler decides to run out the front door. There are many benefits to installing a driveway alarm. You can also install cameras indoors/outdoors and connect them to your smartphone.

Barking Dog Alarm

Anytime an intruder is in your bushes or outside of the house, this device will automatically start barking like an angry dog. The alarm can sense movements through cement, brick, glass, and wood. From burglars outside it sounds like you have a very vicious dog inside, which will likely deter them away from your property.

Animal Protection

Do you have a neighbor with a dog who looks like they want to sink their teeth into you every time you leave your house? Aggressive dogs, raccoons, bears, and many other animals can turn vicious at any given moment. It's smart to prepare yourself in case of an attack. Electronic Dog Repeller

Using ultrasonic technology, the electronic dog repeller repels dogs by using two methods. The first one sends out a high-frequency sound that's audible to dogs but not to humans. The second features a very bright LED flashing strobe light that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog. While the dog is distracted, this leaves you with time to escape.

Mace Bear Spray

If you love spending time in the great outdoors, this product is for you. Be prepared for bear attacks or other wildlife with the Mace Bear Spray. The powerful fogger sprays up to 30 feet. Now that's impressive.

Chicago Safety Technology provides excellent personal, home, and animal defense options to fit your personal needs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service and helping you with any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information. We want you and your loved ones to be protected day after day.

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