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  • Stun Gun Or Taser: When You Need It Most, What Works Best?



    Each year, the FBI releases an updated compilation of crime statistics, known as the UCR, or Uniform Crime Report. This data shows the number and increase or decrease over previous years for murder, rape, robbery, assault, property crimes and firearm use during the commission of criminal acts. The most recent numbers indicate that violent crimes as a whole are on the increase. Your chances of becoming a crime victim statistic decrease when you learn both preventive and active protection. One way to fight back is to buy and learn to use a device suitable for stopping an aggressor and providing you the opportunity to leave the scene for a safer location and call police.

    Stun guns and Tasers are two examples of devices designed to stop an attacker without resulting in serious injury or death.

    How a stun gun works

    A stun gun is an electric device using high voltage to stop an attacker. The high voltage does not injure them because the device also uses low amperage; the voltage is comparable to the pressure generated when you increase or decrease the pressure of water flowing from a container into a garden hose. The current generated increases muscle activity, turning sugar energy to lactic acid and rendering movement nearly impossible very quickly. There is no lasting effect on the attacker, but they are confused and unable to do any harm for up to 30 minutes, giving you time to get away and get help.

    How a Taser works

    Taser, which is an acronym for a fictional weapon known as Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle, is an electric high voltage, low amperage device designed to stop an attacker. It requires a button push or trigger pull to dispense two metal barbs and temporarily disable the attacker's the central nervous system, cause pain and muscle contractions that usually force an attacker to the ground immediately and keep them immobilized for approximately 30 seconds.

    Comparisons: stun gun vs. Taser

    Stun guns probes must make direct contact with the attacker, preferably in a large muscle group, in order to be effective. A Taser can be fired from 15 feet away, but that requires a steady hand and solid aim into the attacker's body or clothing. The stun gun requires you hold it firmly and get in close contact with your assailant, while the Taser leaves running room between the two of you.

    While both weapons will disable an assailant, the Taser barbs can fall out or miss their mark entirely. Tasers offer less "down" time for the assailant, and they are easier for an attacker to see, as many stun gun varieties are available in palm-size versions.

    A trip to the emergency room may be necessary to remove the Taser barbs from an assailant, depending on where they lodge. It's possible to hit highly sensitive areas, such as eyes or genitals with this weapon. But some Taser models have the added advantage of doubling as stun guns, if the barbs miss their mark or fail to bring down the assailant.

    Carry laws

    It is legal for private citizens to carry both stun guns and Tasers, depending on state laws. Restrictions and prohibitions on stun guns and Tasers exist in Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. Some U.S. cities and counties also restrict or prohibit stun guns and Tasers, even when the state allows ownership; check your local statutes for exact information. And if you're considering sending a stun gun or Taser out of the country, check that country's laws first, as many prohibit the ownership of these devices.

    Chicago Safety Technology offers an extensive product line, including Tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays, safety cameras and other personal protection devices. We process orders same day, offer free shipping on orders over $100 and invite you to view our prices and compare our brands, quality and selection. Prepare and protect yourself and your family; contact us today and avoid bechttps://www.chicagosecuritytech.com/high-definition-surveillance-systems/high-definition-4-channel-surveillance-system-with-1tb-hard-drive-4039.htmloming another crime statistic.

  • Taser Bolt with laser



    Don’t let its innocent appearance fool you, the TASER BOLT delivers the same knock-down, muscular override that Taser products are known for. The Bolt offers a 15-foot safety range between you and your target plus a 30second cycle time so you can make a Safe Escape. The Bolt’s light and sleek design is perfect for any purse and backpack Boltor can fit easily in your pocket.
    • 30second Muscular override – temporarily overrides an attacker’s central nervous system
    • LASER assisted targeting
    • 15-foot Safety Range – gives you ample space to make a safe escape
    • Contact Stun – added insurance in close encounters
    • Childproof Safety Door - keeps device safe until you decide to turn it on
    • Legal to own, Legal to carry – no license needed in most states
    Package contains:
    • One TASER Bolt
    • Two live cartridges
    • Non-rechargeable lithium battery
    • Protective soft cover
    • Conductive practice target
    • Weight: 0.33 lbs (152 g)

  • Wildfire pepper spray


    Just think if you used this Wildfire pepper spray on someone trying to attack you. Do you think you'll get away? I would say you do and your attacker, well, he's going to be in a lot of pain for some time. Wildfire pepper spray comes in 1/2 oz,1-1/2 oz, 4oz and larger sizes, 9 oz and 1# It's also available in a gel formula that is great for indoors or on a windy day as it wouldn't blow back unto yourself. This and other personal safety products are available at Chicagosecuritytech.com


  • Why purchase Wildfire Pepper spray

    When it comes to personal safety, you can never be too careful. The city of Chicago's overall crime rate is significantly higher than the U.S. average. If you're a small, petite woman or the manliest man on the block, these statistics are enough to put anyone living in Chicago on edge. Therefore, it's important to prepare yourself for an unsuspecting and scary attack. Pepper spray is a trusty, effective and convenient way of protecting yourself. One of the best and hottest pepper sprays on the market today is Wildfire, and we're here to show you why.

    Wildfire Pepper Spray:
    Have you seen the pepper spray that police officers carry on their hips? Well, Wildfire is just as strong. It's manufactured in the exact same lab, which means you're getting a quality product that even police officers trust to protect their own personal safety.

    Wildfire is 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper) which is a derivative of 3 Million Scoville Heat Units. Most other common pepper spray brands are under 2 Million Scoville Heat Units.

    It's made and tested right here in the USA. This is important to note because self-defense products such as pepper spray are largely self-regulated. Basically, this means that manufacturers will lie about the ingredients used to make their sprays. Leaving you with a poor product, empty wallet, and decreased safety when you need it the most.

    After you spray the dangerous individual, they literally won't know what hit them. This hot, hot, hot spray immediately permeates the pores of the skin, blinds the eyes (if sprayed in them), and inhibits the respiratory system. The effects on the respiratory system are quite potent. Even spraying it on your arm will induce sneezes, coughs, and burning in the nose.

    Wondering how long the painful experience lasts? A solid 45 minutes. Plenty of time to run away, call the police and begin tracking the bad guys down. Another great aspect of this spray is that it has an identifying staining dye that marks the person you sprayed. So when you're working with the police trying to track down the individual, they'll have an even easier time finding them.

    Wildfire Pepper spray comes in 5 different sizes for your convenience including, 1/2 ounce keychain, 1.5 ounces (similar size to a hand grenade), 4 ounces (similar size to a can of Red Bull). These smaller sizes come with a fogger or stream model. These sizes are ideal for carrying in your purse, pocket, backpack, or hand while walking the streets at night or for apartment/house/car safety. Also great for runners.

    Larger sizes include 9 ounces, and 1 pound sizes. The larger sizes are ideal for camping, hunting, boats, or R.V. adventures and come with a pistol grip or fire master handle. They're also ideal for crowd control like at a busy club as it can clear a large violent crowd quickly from a nice distance away.

    You don't have to break the bank while shopping for the best pepper spray. Wildfire's prices are affordable for anyone looking to protect themselves. A small size ranges from $9-15, and the larger sizes range from $26-54.

    Stylish and convenient cases or keychains are also available.

    For unbeatable protection that is guaranteed to protect you or your loved ones, Wildfire pepper sprays are your answer. It packs a mean punch that's enough to make grown men cry. It's easy to use, great for beginners or experts alike and is easy on the wallet.

    We want you to have a better peace of mind while walking, running or commuting your way through Chicago. Being prepared could easily save your life one day.

    Chicago Security Tech has you covered whether you're looking for security cameras and safety lights for your home or pepper spray and steel batons for on-the-go. Contact us today for more information or any questions you may have. We want to help keep you safe!

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